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About the Book
In our ultra-competitive world of new global realities, succeeding in business isn't easy. It requires tough decisions that sometimes involve moving factories to China or outsourcing services to India. But in our current environment of fear and suspicion, these responses often create even more difficulties when poorly communicated to the media, policymakers, employees and investors. The result: bad press, policymakers running for cover, low employee morale and decreased investor confidence.

Grasping Globalization: Its Impact and Your Corporate Response reveals:
  • The real impact of globalization,
  • Myths about outsourcing and job losses, and
  • How executives can more effectively communicate their corporate responses to achieve greater understanding and support.

John Manzella, the author of Grasping Globalization, is a world-recognized speaker on global business, trade policy, labor, and the latest economic trends. His op-eds have been nationally syndicated and his views have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News, and Denver Post. John is founder of both Manzella Trade Communications, a strategic communications, publishing and consulting firm, and the, a premier source for global business and economic news and analysis.

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Emotion Sells  (1 min. 29 sec., 3.0MB)
American Jobs  (2 min. 41 sec., 5.2MB)
Selling the Reality  (2 min., 3.9MB)
On NAFTA  (1 min. 44 sec., 3.4MB)
The Cheap Labor Myth  (1 min. 31 sec., 3MB)
China & the Yuan  (2 min. 10 sec., 4.2MB)

Here's what experts are saying!

"Few words are wasted... on-target... combines top-level analysis with nitty-gritty 'how to' tips... will prove useful to both experienced international traders and those who are new to the process."
- Neil Shister, Editorial Director, World Trade Magazine

"Not one to shy away from controversy, Manzella helps us grapple with today's most sensitive global economic issues. His answers are honest and stimulating."
- Larry Davidson, Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, Indiana University Kelley School of Business

"Grasping Globalization is a comprehensive, easy to follow resource guide that will help businesses deal correctly with the impact of globalization."
- Bob Bissen, Vice President, APCO Worldwide

"This very compelling book will help executives, policymakers and students understand the new economy. The questions and talking points challenge many prevailing attitudes and viewpoints."
- James McConnell, Professor of International Business, University of New York at Buffalo

"Manzella's in-depth knowledge of globalization will help executives understand its positive impact and how to respond proactively to negative views."
- Eugene Schreiber, Managing Director, World Trade Center New Orleans
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